Monday, 20 June 2011

Sheep Goes Left - OST - 1!

Disc one of two, no less!

Download 'em all here
It's a complete archive of mp3s, and you can also grab it as one great big zip file, too.

Disc two will appear in a few days, or so, and will mostly feature slightly retweaked versions of all the above songs. Mostly shorter versions, as they originally appeared in Al's Tumbly site.

Meanwhile, there's also the great big update coming up, which will give you a whole extra 100 screens of chaos to beat!
I've no idea if people are actually attempting all the levels, or whether I've gone WAY too far making them all hard, but .. heck, it's fun ;)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sheep Goes Left

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (£1.19/$1.99/equiv.)

Got an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?
Grab Sheep Goes Left!!
Go get it!
It's out now!

Sheep Goes Left is a good old, retro styled, single-screen, panic enducing, spike dodging platformer.

Guide Sheepy to the other side of the screen, just so he can do it all over again!

Dodge all the spikes, as well as any other oncoming objects, and you can guide him all the way to the other side.

The game includes 100 hand crafted screens filled with deadly spikes to dislike, 10 graphical worlds to wander through, and a complete 20 track soundtrack to keep you entertained along the way.

Get it in the AppStore (£1.19/$1.99/equiv.)

ps, yes, it's a Tier 2 price. That means it's twice the price that SpikeDislike was.
SpikeDislike took about a week to make, and is all random elements.
This one's taken a month, has (for me!) decent background art, 20 pieces of music, and 100 levels.
Hopefully that all counts for something!