Friday, 24 September 2010

Additional Apple Development Related Migraines

Note : Apple Development based Swearing ahead.

On Tuesday I got my new iPod Touch (finally), but haven't had the time to play about with it yet, due to working extra shifts this week.

Gah, everything all at once!

Wednesday I just about had time (grr) to faff about with even more bloody license garbage, and really enjoyed how much garbage I had to go through, just because I'd given Apple more of my money.

Thursday, no time, no work done, but I did notice that, inexplicably, Cardagain's audio was now linked to the "Alert" sound volume, and not the bloody iPod's volume.

Fuck, Apple!! What the hell!?!

Friday, time to piss about and make all the necessary fixes.

PlaySystemSound does exactly what's asked of it, but only does so through the Alert volume.
I needed to fix that, and today I spent about an hour trying to tweak that over to AVAudioPlayer methods.

Job done, and I gave it a test, at which point I found out that the stupid damn AVAudioPlayer adds a 0.2 second fuckup each time it tries to play something.

Fuck, Apple!! What the hell!?!

So, next time I get some free time, I have to start all this again, with YET ANOTHER set of Audio Methods.

Hey, Apple.. It's a SODDING IPOD!!

It's JOB.. It's Actual Functional Job.. The purpose of the device... is to PLAY AUDIO!
Why in the name of hell have you made it so god damned hard TO PLAY AUDIO!!!

I've NEVER in my life seen a language as completely fudged together as this!

You suck!

Hurry up, Mark Sibly! The world needs you!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The haphazard plan...

I've got games coming out of my ears, but absolutely nothing to show for it.

Here's how things are, currently.

1. Arcade Slots : Still where I left it.
2. The Framework : Slightly ahead of where I left it. I've recently added my super-duper wordlist into the engine. Info below.
3. Stringy Things : Word Engine helps, but trying to formulate ways to make it chunky, without losing the complexity of the DS edition.
4. Puzzobomb : Considering that I'm going to have to make levels for this! Argh! Sprites drawn
5. Maze thing : Not entirely formulated yet, might offshoot into about 3 different games at this rate!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Progress Report...

Things have been superslow with Arcade Slots.
Each day that I try to do something, I remember that there's 100 other little "Keep Apple Happy" bits and pieces that I must do.

It's almost put me off iDev, because I can't seem to get into my games the same way that I usually do.
Normally I'd copy my framework folder, open the folder, open the BlitzMax code, and begin.
And that'd be that.

But with iDev, there's SO much more to it.
Little bits here and there, hundreds of tweaks to do, and god only knows how much faffing around I have to do, just to achieve the simplest of things.



So, for the past two days, I've been working on a Framework.
Just like my Blitz framework, it'll and up being just a click/open/start.
In this case, I'm forming a Template for XCode, which when started, creates a basic shell of a game.
It's nothing amazing, but it's a simple enough start that you then don't have to worry about all those niggling little bugs, cropping up and destroying your game-code-time!

I'll post more on that in a couple of days time. Lemmie see how much cool stuff I can cram into it first!

THEN I'll get some games done!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Slow progress on Arcade Slots

There's a mind boggling number of little things I have to remember, that I'm amazed I remembered them all in Cardagain!
I guess the first time, I was double checking every little thing, but this time I'm not bothering to do that.

.. That'll teach me!

Hundreds more little things were tweaked, today, and the engine's almost at a 5% complete state!

This is a really rubbish video, but hey, it's got sound, now!!

More to come.

slowly, probably!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Platdude meets the iPod

I'm still not sure that a proper JNKPlat game will work on the iPhings, mostly due to how annoyed I am at Onscreen controls.. Booo, Hiss!
They're ok, if they're offset, and nice and chunky, but if they're removing screenspace that's used for the game, or even worse, if they're over the top of what you're trying to look at, then they're pretty much useless.
And JNKPlat needs a LOT of buttons!!