Thursday, 2 September 2010

Platdude meets the iPod

I'm still not sure that a proper JNKPlat game will work on the iPhings, mostly due to how annoyed I am at Onscreen controls.. Booo, Hiss!
They're ok, if they're offset, and nice and chunky, but if they're removing screenspace that's used for the game, or even worse, if they're over the top of what you're trying to look at, then they're pretty much useless.
And JNKPlat needs a LOT of buttons!!
Arcade Slots is coming along slowly, mostly because there's oodles of background stuff to get working before the actual game can be started.
Today, I started the game!

I present the first video evidence of Platdude running amok on an iPod!!!

Hurray for Platdude!

You'll notice chunky black squares where I'm "removing" the spheres.. The "lovely gradient" I added earlier on has caused all kinds of stupid issues like this.
I'm going to scrap the lovely gradient!!

The black chunky squares will still be there when you play it, it's just that you won't notice them, because the background will be black too!!
For now, though, I've left it as it is, just so I can be sure it's working correctly.
And it is.
Which is great!!

Next up, audio, scoring, lives, credits, and then a second game!! woot!!

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