Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Reel World...

Since I'm giving AGameAWeek a little rest, I can now concentrate on iPhings a bit better than I have been.
There's been some crazy "Why won't it do that!?" issues with Arcade Slots, mostly based on memory issues.
As I try switching the game from one set of reels to another, it'd try loading in a mountain of images, which all clashed together, and resulted in Evil Nasty Crashes..

I'd been trying to focus on fixing all that, but with AGAW continuing on in the background, and the horrible nasty illness that's been here for the past few weeks/months, it's been a struggle.

After a couple of days off, I'm back in the middle of the action, and I've spent most of this morning solving those memory bugs.

I've made a simple "Load new reels" button on the front menu, which when clicked, will erase all current reels, erase all "fruit", and then reload everything generating a nice new batch of reels and "fruit", ready for the next game.
This happens over the course of about 20 frames, being about 0.7 seconds on the emulator, but slowing to around 2 seconds on the iPod Touch (3gen,8gb)
It's a short gap between tapping the button, and having the selected slotmachine up and running, and it'll have to do. 'cos that's as fast as I can get it!
Meanwhile, I also did a deadly-bulk-test, and left it reloading and reloading and reloading and reloading and reloading (on the iPod) for about 5 minutes, whilst filling up the little debug console, and Leak tests on the Mac. All seems nice and happy, so I'm going to leave the reels where they are, now, and actually get into the lovely bits of the game.

Tomorrow starts the lovely bits.

Getting Game #1 up and running, and having it 100% playable.
Should only take about 3 weeks to get that bit done ;)

(no screenshots, it's still looking about the same!!)

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