Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Arcade Slots : A proper start..

Today I finally got all my little bits and pieces together, and started to build up a proper edition of Arcade Slots.

Starting with a quickly made logo that looks vaguely like the old one, but quite a bit different, I slapped that onto the iPod alongside a cheaply designed, almost unnoticable, gradiented background, and built a simple button mechanism.
Throwing together the spinning reels function (that's been built for the past 3 or 4 weeks according to my previous youtube test) I was able to get the JNKPlat spinning reels spinning, and .. that's pretty much where I'm going to be leaving it for today.
Which is ever so slightly annoying, considering I wanted to get the thing playable, today.


No matter, I also got different decks loading into Cardagain properly, this morning, after a whole crazy amount of memory issues.. (Tip : Make a loading screen, and the iPhings don't seem to freak out as much when you try to do hundreds of bits and pieces all at the same time!!)
Just a few hours worth of designing decks and backgrounds should mean that's ready for it's first update.

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