Thursday, 12 August 2010

Adding Buttons..

Although my previous video of Arcade Slots did have a pretty button on it, it wasn't a reusable one.
Today was the first Arcade Slot work I've done since the video! eek!! slow progress..
Anyhoo, I decided to make reusable buttons.
What a chore!

After a strangely insane amount of tweaking and refitting of little tiny awkward bits of code, and some finger crossing, I finally got it all working.
Up to 20 buttons, all flashing when needed, scalable to different sizes, multicoloured, pushable, clickable, and sending reports to the game whenever they're pressed.

I hope 20's enough, 'cos I really don't feel like tweaking all my none-variable numbers!!

Next, creating some sort of display limit, or overlay, or something, so the reels don't take up the whole of the screen..
Annoyingly, a simple overlay would completely mess up my previously created gradiented background.

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