Wednesday, 20 October 2010


On Wed 20th October 2010, 00:30GMT, StringyThings was finally released in the App Store!

Available Now ($0.99/£0.59/equivilant)
Click here to find it at the App Store

A collection of word games for those "Need a quick word game" moments.

The first release is the test release, to ensure my somewhat old-school coding style can get past the Apple sensors! Now that I know it can, we can have some fun.

I'll be adding an extra word game with each and every release, and if I run out of word games, I'm sure I can pluck a few other thinking games out, from somewhere!

For now, there's two games, and each one is a nice and simple relaxing game.

You can pick from a bunch of play styles, too, so if you'd prefer a fast paced timed game, or a nice slow thinking game, you can go for either.

There's a whole lot more StringyThings to come.

For now, it's in the AppStore, nice and cheap!

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