Thursday, 20 January 2011

OK, Now What?

Plans are afoot to expand Spike Dislike.
There's a whole manner of additions I could come up with.
Graphic tweaks, gameplay features, game modes, those kinds of things.
I'm not entirely sure what'll actually be the next thing to add, though.
I really want to start playing with some sort of challenge mode first, I think, but I'm also thinking that it'd be nice to have that unlock things, so then I need to add things that could be unlocked.
... This is one of those bulky additions, methinks!!

In the meantime, we've also got a few other things to play with.
Blockman Gets hasn't gotten got yet, so that should be done.
That game needs a menu.
I really have no idea what to do for that!
It's been sat here for about 3 weeks, in a mostly playable state, but completely stuck because I can't think of a nice menu!

Then there's the big three..
Cardagain, Stringy Things and Arcade Slots all suffer from the Early Learning Bugs.
Cardagain and Arcade Slots have the good old "I used the wrong audio method" issue, with sound that blasts out at the volume of your ringtone, whilst all three of them have that annoying iPadFREAKOUT issue that renders them all completely unplayable on an iPad.
For what it's worth, Cardagain and Stringy Things are both perfectly playable, and are both still available in the AppStore ;) Just not on an iPad!

I think, in all honesty, I'm going to have to redo from start with those three.
But all three of them were meant to be Battery-Saving games.
I'm not really sure how to tackle this.
If I do redo them, I'll lose their ability to last ages, as they'll all be redone in this battery-draining Cocos2D.
Not that there's anything WRONG with Cocos2D, of course, it's just really bad at preserving battery life.

hmm.. what to do..?

.. I'm going to go play with Blockman some more!

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