Sunday, 20 March 2011

The AppStore Review Pile

I finally bothered to dust off my Review Scraping perl script today, and jiggered the thing about a bit until it gave me something useful!

So, without further ado, and with a whole big bunch of text approaching, let's take a nosey at the great big archive of comments that's been left.


Indeed it is!

I keep coming back to this for days now. Needs gamecenter but as it looks like that's planned for an update. Love the precise controls. I'm at 3545 score on easy/classic so beat that

I very nearly got 4000 the other day! Annoyingly I've since wiped my highscores about 7/8 times, due to various testing. Probably should've saved those. Aw well..
Why not head over to the Facebook Group and post your best scores!
(or.. at least, until GameCenter turns up!)

Very fun game.. I love all the themes and difficulty levels.. Makes me come back for one more try!!

Woot :D

Drained my battery before noticing that there's an alternative and random option. Game has a permanent spot on my phone.

Plenty to do.

This game is awesome 5/5

5's nice! Thanks to everyone who's been giving SpikeDislike such nice high marks!

Lots of fun from square one and there's different speeds to set records at. Got it free but this ones worth a buck.

Loads of people picked up the game during freebie day. Over 5,000 players, all within the space of 24 hours! Awesome stuff!

Simple yet challenging.

That's the way I like 'em! I'm too lazy to learn controls ;) They should be right, right from the start.

like the challenge modes. Still needs gamecenter badly. Also it changed my icon to the lite version?
Presentation could use some polish but it's oddly compelling nonetheless. Practically screams for gamecenter though.

I know, I know.. Gamecenter IS coming, it's just.. taking it's time!

Great game, but I always have some hit detection problems. Please fix this! I hate it when the game says I lost but it shows the ball is nowhere near the furry thing. Btw I play on Basketball so that's what I mean by ball and furry thing.

Next update should fix this slightly. It's not a hit detection problem, as such, more that the pompoms aren't actually spikey!
The game assumes that all sprites are the same size, and does it's detection via a simple circle/box method.
I left it like that so that, for example, the Basketball theme doesn't actually become easier, due to the sprites.
But then it looks a bit quirky. d'oh!
I've tweaked the sprite a little, and it shouldn't be as dodgy in the next update (1.4, coming soon'ish!)

One more try and that's it. This game will make a liar out of you more times than not. The update even pays homage to Canabalt (B&W theme). And the new Challenge Mode comes in handy as a built-in trainer. The game comes with lots of different themes to keep it fresh. And enough difficulty levels to make it challenging and fun. 5/5 stars.

There are even more levels on their way, too. In fact, the 1.35 update added a nice Evolve mode, which.. to be honest.. probably should've been there from the start!

Addictive! Fun!


Why does my springboard icon say "lite" for my paid full version?

Oh dear.. 1.3, silly bug.. That's gone now! (I hope!)

This game has that 'just one more time' addictive quality. Games like this prove that amazing next-gen graphics aren't always needed when you have good, solid gameplay.
Congratulations on a fantastic release. Look forward to updates and perhaps more game modes.

More modes are currently in my head, but not yet in the game! Coming soon!

It takes about three seconds to restart a game. And I haven't seen any way to mute the game without muting the phone. Still, fantastic game, and very addictive.
Ps: gamecenter would be nice

I'm one of the most impatient players that I know. If a Story Mode pops up, with unskippable cutscenes, I'll be shouting at the game to get on with it. The amount of swearing I did at BurnoutParadise is astronomical. Especially once it crashed, and I had to sit through the whole thing again!
It only takes a second or two to restart, and you don't even have to hit Play. The whole right half of the screen is a giant START BUTTON!
Beeeeeoooooooooooowwwwwwww Tap now, and it'll restart. No need to wait for the menu, no waiting to find a button, just tap.

Needs Game Center, as it is there's no point in trying to best your highscore if nobody will see it.

I'm getting there!!!

super addictive little game. very simple concept, really difficult but never unfair. you constantly have to choose between risking death to keep your combo going, or playing it safe. i like spike dislike. :D

Everybody Likes Spike Dislike!!! and shaving!

Great app! Can't stop playing it!

Neither can I! That's why the updates are taking so long!!

Jeremy Clarke
You push your guy to the right with one button, touching things kills you, try not to die.
Main theme, like all other themes, is ugly. Beauty is not always fun, but this game always is.
So simple yet so insanely hard, enjoy.

Yeah, I kinda suck at art!
I'm trying, though.
The Munky theme's quite nice!

Smooth playing and insanely fun game where you bounce a ball around. Perfect!

And that's all there is to it! Simplicity!

Very nice, thks very much.

You're very welcome!

Old-school sensibilities. Keep playing to best your own score. Subtly addictive. Very easy to pick up and play. Variety of graphical settings, but in general the graphics are lacking. Looking forward to the update with additional challenges!
(updated version): Challenge mode is fun and provides more reasons to pick up and play. Definitely some added value there.

More challenges coming soon. Once I've made some.

.. hmmm...
I really should get around to that bit!

WTF dieses spiel ist eigl nur genial :)

Thanks :D

Took it when it was free.
IMHO, one of the best games in this genre. I don`t know what to say more, just like it ;)

Glad you enjoyed your freebie!

Rev. Rob Fearon
It might not be a looker, but man, Spike Dislike is fab.
Simple, compulsive and grinworthy smiley fun. Grab it!

Looks don't matter! It's Retro!!*

* This is an excuse that you'll see a lot from me!

Some people say that the simple ones are the best, that's completely true for this game. Fabulous

Simplicity's the key. Combo's are it's little helper! This game would be nothing if it wasn't for that little risk/reward thing. Combo's are awesome!

Because of the visual aesthetic of this game, you might dismiss it as being 'too simple'. It isn't, it's just the right kind of simple. Getting just the right bounce path to maximise your combo multiplier is essential, and takes quite a bit of practice. Discovering a new path, or getting into a zen-like state of what I've come to call 'freebouncing', whereby the ball seems to be moving perfectly, as if it and you had 'become one' in some kind of existential partnership is probably one of the finest experiences you can have on a portable game.
Simple, well designed and incredibly addictive.

Mmmm... Freebouncing!!

This is one of the most addictive games I've played (and I've played a lot) I love everything about it from the retro look and sound effects to it's simplicity and the way your progress is always popping up on screen always showing you combos,passed,bonuses etc. This was one of the best 59p's I've spent in the app store. There's even plenty of different modes,skins and difficulty settings. Games like this are exactly why I love iOS gaming. Endless replay factor. 5*s.
The only thing this needs is online leader boards like gamecenter etc.

I hope you're all going to give me 6 stars once I've added GameCenter ;)

Not even going to bother talking in depth about this. This is among the best of the best. Get this. Now.

This comment makes me smiley :D

Reminds of when games where about gameplay and not shiney gfx

Ye-Olde Disliking of Spikes

This game is so simple yet challenging, fun and highly addictive!
It's not aesthetically pleasing (the basketball theme being the only one that doesn't make my colour blind eyes go crazy) but it reminds me of how games used to be and has been expertly designed for use with the touchscreen.
Don't even think about it - it'll be the best 59p you spend in 2011! Keep up the good work devs & keep the themes coming!

Aaah, about that whole crazy eye thing. You probably won't want to play the upcoming clown theme! ..
PS, it's "Dev". ..Only me! (hence the rubbish art!)

New themes and now challenges, really good - worth 59p. Can't wait for future updates!

What else is next?! Oooooh!!! GameCenter button!!! yeay!!!

One touch control and great fun. One of those games you can just pick up and play when you have a spare minute.

Well, unless you get stuck in a 15 minute play session that ends up netting you over a million points. .. Who knew that would be possible!! There's some serious Dislikers of Spikes out there!!

Has some annoyances to game play like the flashing combos cutting across the screen obscuring the spikes.
Apart from that a great little game.
Would love better graphics though.

You'll be happy to know, the annoying flashing star is now gone. (in the next update!)
Without it, and with a nice clean font, the swooshyness is nowhere near as distracting.
... same graphics, though ;)


The 1.4 GameCenter update is about 25% done, but it's the hard/slow 25% that's been done. I still have a lot to do, but I'm working as fast as I can.


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