Thursday, 17 March 2011

Spike Dislike 1.4 Progress..

Blimey.. Adding GameCenter's a big bag of complex, isn't it!

I knew it would be, though, so I came prepared.
I have my super-coder-hat on.
Actually I don't have a hat. Unless you count my 80's GameBoy baseball cap.
But that's not a proper hat!

GameCenter will work like that.
I'd love to have nice swooshy leaderboard things, but I can't quite fathom all of that!!
I'm NEARLY there, but it's just a teensy bit out of my reach, right now.. I'm still learning!

Leaderboards do show up in the proper GameCenter app, though, alongside your little achievements, which is nice.
If I can very simply grab the top 10, and your chart position, I'll slap them on the right hand side.
I tried doing that, earlier on today, and then shouted a bit...!

Next week, I'll be tackling the Play/Pass menu, and seeing how much shouting I need to do for that!
Wish me luck!

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