Tuesday, 22 February 2011

This review doesn't dislike my game, but I dislike this review..


It's simple enough mistake to make. Sometimes when I'm writing a blog entry, a thought might pop into my head, that I'll later realise was lifted from a TV show. Or I might compose a piece of music, and realise 3 years later that it's actually the Pokemon theme.
Sometimes these things just happen.

It's a subconscious thing.
Or sometimes it isn't.
Sometimes you make something, aiming to be "a bit" like something, and end up inexplicably "exactly the same".
You create based upon what you know, and sometimes things turn out a little bit more like what it is you're aiming for, than you'd like to admit.

But sometimes you look at something and think....
"hmmm.. that's a bit too close, isn't it?"

Today I received a link to my SpikeDislike review, at FamousWhy.com

Until last week, I hadn't heard of FamousWhy, and the first time I visited the site, my initial thought was "Hmm.. This looks like a very spammy/adfilled piece of dodgy website."
But, whatever.
A review is a review, right?!

... Probably not, when..

Half the damn text has been copy and pasted from TouchArcade.com's review of SpikeDislike.

Maybe the reviewer had an off day, and couldn't be bothered writing all that they should've?
But hey, who the hell cares, that's just downright lazy.

If you're going to blatently rip someone off, like that, you could at least do the decent thing and link to the original review.

I'm REALLY in a bad-word mood, right now, so I'm not going to write much more than this. It'll end up all ranty and horribly unreadable.. so, pretty much as it is,now! But perhaps in the morning, I'll go and copy and paste a whole bunch of bad words, and pretend that I wrote them.

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  1. Do my eyeballz deceive me or is Spike-Dislike now and iPhone game, as I just read it right on that Touch-Arcade link. If so, is that done in Ansca-Corona or did you go down the Objective-C/Cocoa route?