Wednesday, 2 February 2011

SpikeDislike 1.2

This morning I submitted v1.2.
Give it a week and it oughta be playable!

On the face of it, things aren't too different.
There are 4 new themes, including one kindly designed and donated by @RetroRemakes.

The menu now slides in from the left, to make the titlescreen a little neater.

The scores display Best Combo, Best Super, and Most Passed

The combo timer bar's a little bit neater.

The graphics have all been rejigged so I can fit more stuff in there.

And there are nice little badges that pop up as you play.
More badges are planned, of course, but first I really need to start building that Challenge mode.
That'll have to wait until 1.3 and, I've said it before... GameCenter will be waiting for 1.4


Sorry guys, but these things take time.
Especially when you're also doing AGameAWeek at the same time!! (for Win/Linux/Mac. I really really doubt I could achieve AGameAWeek on iPhings!!)

Oh, and I sent off the Lite edition, too.

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