Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Appy Day!!!

Unfortunately, I don't mean 'Appy, as in "My App was Approved"
Still not even in review, yet. *sigh*

What I do mean, though, is that I'm kinda in a App-Making mood, and I feel I want to push on with a few experiments.
Nothing that says "This is my next game", because I'd rather be sure the first app gets approved, first, and also no Tutorial stuff because, again, need to know people can follow any of my teachings without being lead into a bleek pit of dispair...

If I'm ever going to make any wordgames, I'm going to need to port over my massive Wordlist stuff to the iPod.
I might spend today faffing about with that, seeing if I can get it to work.

Otherwise, I'll probably just play about with some sprites, or something.


.. or I might fall asleep!

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