Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Oooh, Hello!

I figured that having iPhing games constantly mushed in with AGameAWeek.com's weekly freeware games would all become crazy and chaotic, or thereabouts.
So, here's AGameAWeek iDev.
Pretty much the same deal, but most of my iPhing stuff gets posted over here, so the people who are visiting without iPhings don't have to constantly deal with all my rants and raves about the do's and don't's and can's and cannot's..

or, something like that!

Anyhoo, a quick story so far.

1. May, Jay bought a MacMini
2. June, Jay paid for his Dev Licence.
3. July, Jay go crazee trying to learn new-age coding styles, to get his first game going.

I'm an old-skool coder, brought up on hundreds of variations of Basic, from the Amstrad CPC's Locomotive, through Amiga's Amos, right up to PC's Blitz.
Having to learn "proper" coding has definitely been somewhat of a struggle!
But I'm getting there, slowly but surely!

In the next few weeks (or sooner?!), I'm hoping to have my first game up in the App Store (Cardagain), and if all that goes well, I'll start posting a nice little tutorial for anyone who's similarly struggling to make the Basic->Icky coding switch.

Shouldn't have to wait too long, the game's nearly done, hence the creation of this blog.

It's all coming soon!

Right here!

But, you know, not weekly! The whole "AGameAWeek" has no chance of being done, at this rate!

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