Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Taking far too long....

Drawing these sprites took far too long..
Moving the sprites over to the iPod took far too long..
Making them swoosh about took far too long...
And then trying to take the screenshot took forever!

I'm sure the Mac used to ask me where I wanted to save my screenshots.. Now it just seems to throw them randomly around the harddrive!!
Then trying to cut the image out!
Geeze, what a chore.

I'm so glad I still have the PC, and the ability to just bring up PaintshopPro, do a tweak or two, then save images very very quickly!
Much easier.

One day, I'll be happy to use a Mac.

Today is not that day.

But hey, looky!

Incase you can't quite fathom what that's meant to be, perhaps the following youtube video will enlighten you.

Project #2 is currently Arcade Slots iPhing, a remake of the fantastic DS game.

It makes a change from those rubbishy "Ooh, look at the fruit go round" slot machines that are incredibly dull and uninteresting, plus there's some nice interesting features when you get further into the game.

I'm not entirely sure what the credits system will be like, just yet, or how many games will be made, or even what I'm going to be doing instead of the blatent copyright infringement..
I'm sure I'll come up with something!

Good thing I have an archive of over 200 games to pick from, really!

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